Low cost. Low admin. Low headache. 

Today’s technology options are more accessible than ever. The rise of cloud-based services where hosting and maintenance are someone else’s problem, and open-source platforms that allow each developer to do his/her own custom development for cheap, software and servers as we know them are fading away. This is great news for organizations like yours for whom technology should be invisible while you are trying to save the planet and its people.

Digital Timber will work with you on both high-level strategic and deep-in-the-weeds tactical issues to find the right technology solutions for your needs. We will detail your requirements, propose solutions, source developers and manage the buildout of whatever you need.

Digital Timber is well-versed in the multitude of technology options out there for whatever you need.

Website content management systems (CMS)
WordPress | Drupal
Customer relationship management (CRM) + + AppExchange
Collaboration within and across organizations
Podio | Yammer | Chatter | and others
Custom software development
Ruby on Rails | ASP.NET
Social Media
Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | and others
Mobile Apps/dt>
Stay connected anywhere at any time.

So you’ve heard all of this before… what’s different here? 

The answer is simple: substantive knowledge of sustainability, resource management and social enterprise challenges. Digital Timber founder and client lead Brett Galimidi has 15+ years of experience, including 10 years of work in digital media and another another 10 years in environmental management, sustainability and social enterprise consulting (yes, there is overlap, math geek). Digital Timber is built to use this unique expertise to develop the best technology solutions for your day-to-day challenges. Low cost. Low admin. Low headache.Technology is full of one-size-fits-all solutions. The nature of your work is not one-size-fits-all. Not even close.

Contact Digital Timber at brett(at)digitaltimber(dot)net, click here or check out the “Our Work” above to find out more.

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