social enterprise.

In many ways, social enterprise and the entrepreneurs behind them are what drives our work. Regardless of your area of focus, you are trying to find novel and sophisticated ways to address environmental and social issues. Trying to change a marketplace is difficult. Breaking business and people of bad habits is equally challenging. Getting government and industry support? Well, you lose a lot of sleep we know. But yet you are here trying to make a difference. To make a living through restoration rather than aggregation, putting benefit above profit while still striving for both- that is the way we must go.

Getting from today to tomorrow takes time, energy, smarts and the right set of tools. You will need many tools, and technology is just one, but Digital Timber has you covered there. As a social enterprise ourselves, your mission is in our DNA and we understand the special challenges you face. Nearly all of our work has some market aspect to it. We get the need to speak multiple languages and interact with various stakeholder groups of varying levels of technological aptitude.

Social enterprise is where the world needs to head. Let us help you get it there.

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