While many in the business world are no strangers to the likes of Dropbox, Salesforce, WordPress, Yammer, Google Apps and other services, many in the sustainability-related fields are relatively new to this. They are often ahead of the curve in global change, but behind in technology. These cloud-based services, however, are perfect for these folks and soon these tools will be as common as email. Here’s why…

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Digital Timber is thrilled to announce the near completion of the Fisheries Information Nexus. An innovative tool combining scientific research and social search.

Check out creatingroomtoread.com

Digital Timber’s latest project is a website for a book launch and tour of Creating Room to Read by John Wood. The book, out February 67 tells the story of the growth of Room to Read from sack of books on the back of a yak in Nepal to a global operation positively affecting more than 7 million children.

Find out more about the book “Creating Room to Read” here and the organization Room to Read here.

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