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About Digital Timber

Digital Timber is designed to bring technology to those focused on environmental and social missions. You have enough to think about what with saving the world; let us help you find the right technologies to meet your business or program needs.

Low cost, low admin, low headache. We will source and manage the development of various tools for your work, from basic site redesign to collaboration tools to custom software development and more, relying as much on open source and cloud-based tools as possible.

Digital Timber founder Brett ‘envirogeek’ Galimidi has over a decade of experience matching technology to the needs of businesses, social enterprises and sustainability/environmental organizations, along with a master’s degree in Environmental Management. Digital Timber is specifically built to bring that combined expertise to you. Technology is a means to an end; making it useful requires substantive knowledge of your issues.

About Brett Galimidi/envirogeek.

With the understanding that people and the environment cannot be separated, Brett Galimidi has led groundbreaking projects to maximize both the ecological and human benefits of environmentally and socially responsible activities.

Brett’s most recent work has been to assist in the incorporation of information technology and general strategy into the regular operations of organizations working to address marine conservation issues and sustainable seafood. He was contracted by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation to direct the Fisheries Information Nexus project—an effort to better understand information flows within the cohort of grantee organizations to find areas for increased process efficiency through technology. This has led to a subsequent phase of work for the Packard Foundation, as well as engagements with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program to develop a custom-built automated reporting tool for streamlining fisheries assessments and recommendations, as well as with FishChoice.com to aid in their business strategy going forward and the Wild Salmon Center to overhaul the online offerings of one of their signature programs.

Previously, Brett was a Partner at San Francisco-based Social Venture Technology Group (SVT) where he remains an advisor. Past work has included co-developing the Manage to Impact™ framework for maximizing social and environmental returns, creating ECOframe for Humanity United—a sustainable tourism/ecotourism framework to help managers and investors ensure their projects achieve the maximum positive social and environmental impact possible while maintaining financial stability, and helping Mexico’s Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda establish a process for measuring and managing the ecological, social and economic impact of conservation for pricing carbon offsets. Brett has also consulted to professional services firms such as Morrison & Foerster LLP on Cleantech initiatives.

At the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, Brett led research efforts on the topic of environmental protection in the information age. At the Resource Renewal Institute in San Francisco, he worked on market-based approaches to resource management and land conservation. At Lot21, Brett led the Emerging Media Group seeking the best technologies for clients big and small to reach their web-based goals.

Brett is the co-author of Social Return on Investment: a Guide to SROI Analysis (Lenthe Publishers, 2006) and author of several research papers on development- and environment-related topics. Brett lectures regularly at conference and universities. In 2009, Business Week magazine named Brett as one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from Yale University and a BS in Anthropology from UCLA.

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